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How many lightning protection rods do you need to protect big residential buildings or sizable commercial structure from lightning strikes? If you choose for your building Cage Method instead, how much would it cost? Think of all the mesh elements, their installation, connectors, grounding electrodes, digging endeavors, hundreds of yards of wires, and future annual maintenance expenses!

Simply speaking, from one hand, you need something reliable, from the other hand – as simple and inexpensive as possible.

Is there anything else of industrial grade reliable and simple out there?

Yes – We have a solution for you:



Commercial Active Lightning Protection Systems.


ONE wire will go to the ground!

ONE device will be installed.

Simple, Reliable, Inexpensive.

How would it work? What does “active” mean?

Our unique Active Protection commercial systems work on the
Early Streamer Emission principal discovered and patented
in Europe several years ago.

In a nutshell, our conductor actively catches lightning bolts and redirects them to the earth in the same way as any traditional/”inactive” strike protection rods do.
Here is more info on principal how active lightning conductor works.

Why specialists choose active conductors over traditional lightning rods?

1. Coverage area of our active lightning conductor is 8 times greater than area protected by traditional rods. (see buildings in a picture below)

2. We guarantee the protection from thunderstorm strikes 98%. Manufacturers of traditional or “inactive” strike protection rods do not offer this guarantee. Actually, nobody else in the industry does.

3. Our systems are proven to be reliable. We are compliant and certified with applicable European standard – NFC 17.102.

We hold all the relevant quality certifications.



The installation details and requirements are the same as traditional/regular rods – no complications.

Our company is an exclusive distributor of unique “Forend” strike protection products on the all territory of United States.

Remember, in addition to all technical advantages, our systems cost is lower than traditional commercial systems because ONE “Forend” device is able to protect large areas. In some cases, it will be able to cover your parking lot or pool along with your building or industrial structure.

Get covered! Call us today 847-808-9000!


Thundercloud – a huge amount of cold steam particles, some of which condensed to form of tiny droplets or even ice particles. The upper, high part of the thunderstorm cloud may be at a height of 2 miles above the ground, and bottom to hang above the ground at a height of less than quarter mile. Before the cloud electric discharge occurs, upper part of the cloud composed of different sizes of pieces of ice and the temperature there is always below freezing point. These pieces of ice are in constant motion caused by updrafts of warm air from the heated surface of the earth. Over time, the positively charged small pieces of ice are located in the upper part of the cloud and the negatively charged large ones are located at the bottom. In other words, the top of the thundercloud is positively charged, and the bottom is negatively charged. The earth is charged positively.
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