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Lightning is generated by the convergence of two things: a downward leader that outstretches down from a thundercloud to the ground and an upward streamer created by a conductive surface on the ground that reaches up.

The principle of an ESE (Early Streamer Emission) lightning conductor/rod, containing Ionization Mechanism is to control a lightning bolt causing it to go certain direction. The ESE rod artificially generates an early upward leader/streamer in the air occurring before the other natural upward leaders from the earth are generated. Watch this. Thus it establishes a privileged, so to say, arranged impact point of the lightning strike.

There is an Ion Generator inside of the ESE rod/conductor. Interestingly, the ESE device does not require any additional power supply for its operation – it is completely self-contained and works from the air energy. How?

Thunderclouds naturally create an atmospheric electric field directly beneath them due to difference in charges between the cloud and the earth. An electric field increases upon approaching a storm cloud. Then the ESE rod/device starts to charge itself just as a result of this difference (it is similar to feeling the static with the hair on your hand while you are just approaching an electrified object, even without touching it). The device stores the energy in capacitors inside. Just before the lightning is about to strike, the atmospheric electrical field rapidly increases. At the moment when the ESE conductor voltage reaches maximum capacity level, the device triggers full discharge of the capacitor i.e. ionizes the surrounding air in the direction of maximum difference in charges.

Quality ESE Lightning Rods from Chicago distributors

3 Forend ESE Lightning RodsThe Rod/Conductor is the main part of “Forend” Early Streamer Emission Lightning Protection System. It consists of ESE Air Terminal with Ion Generator inside, and pole/mast Connector. The Air Terminal is made of durable stainless steel and it has calculated (based on testing) the size and shape to endure high voltage of lightening currents. ESE Ion Generator is located inside in a special isolated section which is made of stainless steel body and covered inside with special resin protecting it from outer effects. As the atmospheric electric field increases during thunderstorm, the ESE rod becomes active and ionizes the surrounding air. The starting of air ionization some time before lightning discharges its current is an important factor to keep the strike under control and keep it off houses, buildings and other valuable objects.All models of “Forend” Lightning Conductors contain ion accelerator structures to support ion generators. To ease the yield of strike discharge even more, the additional atmospheric electrodes are used as a part of the external design of the rod. The conductor with such electrodes has better ionization time characteristics.

All models of “Forend” ESE Rods are verifiable – each device has a standard coaxial outlet to connect our Tester, which we sell separately. No other brand has such a feature.

We are Electra USA, Inc. – the only direct representative of Forend Electrical Materials & Foreign Trade Co. in USA. Electra USA is based in Wheeling, IL – North-West Chicago suburb.

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