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Benjamin Franklin - Lightning Rod experiment

Ever since Benjamin Franklin’s famous lightning rod experiment in early 1749, humans have had the means to protect themselves by controlling lightning strikes. But how reliable are our methods and systems at actually protecting us in situations like these? The answer is, in some cases, not reliable enough.


So is anything else reliable out there?

Yes— Early Streamer Emission Lightning Protection Systems.

We guarantee the protection from strikes at 98%.


Manufacturers of earlier traditional or “inactive” strike protection rods do not offer this guarantee. Actually, nobody else in the industry does.

How does it work? What does “active” mean?

Our unique lightning protection systems work on the Early Streamer Emission (ESE) principal discovered and patented in Europe in 70-s. The streamer system actively catches lightning bolts and redirects them to the ground spearing lives and property. Here is more info about the principal – on how contemporary ESE lightning rods work.

Why do people choose Early Streamer Emission Systems?


  1. Coverage area of early streamer emission systems is 8 times greater than area protected by regular rods. We offer three options: 518, 413, or 315 feet – DIAMETER of the protected/covered area *.
  1. We guarantee protection from lightning strikes 98% of the time.
  1. Early streamer emission systems are proven to be reliable. We are certified and compliant with applicable European standard NFC 17.102.

We hold all the relevant quality certifications.

  1. Our lightning conductors are verifiable. Each device has a standard coaxial outlet to connect our Tester, which we sell separately as well as our Strike Counter.
  1. Our Active Emission devices DO NOT require additional power supply for its operation.
  1. Our early streamer emission devices, most components, and materials are of European quality.
  1. Our production staff is highly qualified.
Lighting Protection 4 - Rod
Lighting Protection 4 - Active

Our company is an exclusive distributor of “Forend” ESE lightning protection products in the U.S. Remember, you can protect EVERYTHING around your house: lawn, swimming pool, cars, and sandbox. Choose to have peace of mind with a 98% guarantee or take the risk of not knowing until it is too late how protected you really are.

Get covered!    Have peace of mind!   Order it today!


Call 847-808-9000!

   Check Installation details here.   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   * 518, 413, and 315 – DIAMETER of the protected/covered area when the device is 6m (20 feet) OR higher above the ground.

Effective Lightning Protection from Chicago distributors

We are Electra USA, Inc. – the only direct representative of Forend Electrical Materials & Foreign Trade Co. in USA – the manufacturer of effective commercial lightning protection systems. Electra USA is based in Wheeling, IL – North-West Chicago suburb. ……………………………………………………….   A thundercloud consists of particles, some of which exist in a form of very small ice droplets. Small pieces of ice, more easily than large ones, are vulnerable to rising in air currents happening inside of the cloud due to convection effect. So to say, the nimble small pieces of ice, moving to the top of the clouds are touching and rubbing against large ones. Each such collision of any two pieces leads to electrification. These large ice particles become negatively charged, while small ones become positive. Over time, the positively charged small particles of cloud ice are located in the upper part i.e. at the top of the cloud and the negatively charged pieces of ice are located at the bottom i.e. at the lower part. In other words, the top of the thundercloud is positively charged, and the bottom is negatively charged. The earth is charged positively. That’s how the clouds produce electricity.

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